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András Tóbiás

Clonal interference and interacting Poissonian trajectories
星期二, 31 一月, 2023 - 14:0015:00
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Clonal interference is the interaction of multiple beneficial mutations fighting for survival simultaneously in a monomorphic resident population. We consider a Moran model with mutation and selection and
illustrate that clonal interference is observable in a specific scaling regime of time and parameters, where subpopulation sizes on a logarithmic scale approximate a system of interacting piecewise linear
trajectories controlled by a Poisson point process. Further, we discuss the speed of adaptation under clonal interference and Gerrish-Lenski heuristics. The subject of this talk is ongoing joint work with Adrián
González Casanova, Felix Hermann, Renato Soares dos Santos and Anton Wakolbinger.

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Budapest University of Technology and Economic
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