Last update 2024 June, stable version 1.9.0-993.

Presentation of Xcas , the swiss knife for mathematics.


Giac/Xcas is a free computer algebra system for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix (license GPL3, for commercial dual-license contact us). Click here to download Xcas. Click here to test Xcas online (French).

Main features of Xcas

A computer algebra session CAS:
arbitrary precision integer and floats, integer and polynomial arithmetic (gcd, extended gcd, factorisation, ...), simplification, equation solver, partial fraction decomposition, calculus (derivation, integration, limit, series expansion), linear algebra (vectors, matrices, row reduction to echelon form, eigenvalues and eigenvectors)...
Napoleon theorem 2-d geometry:
point, segment, line, triangle, polygons, circles, conics, parametric curves, intersection, tangents... Dynamic geometry. All geometric instructions are programmable
3-d representation of Sun and Earth Graphe 3-d eclaire 3-d geometry and graphs:
point, segment, line, plan, triangle, polygons, circles, conics, parametric curves, surfaces, intersection, tangents... Dynamic geometry. All geometric instructions are programmable
A spreadsheet inside Xcas Spreadsheet :
relative and absolute references, cells can contain formal objects (e.g 1/2, sin(x), ...), 1-d and 2-d statistics (mean, stddev, hgistogram, covariance, regressions, ...)
Example of program Programmation :
functions, local variables, tests, loops. Choice of syntax (C-like, Maple, Mupad, TI89). It is sometimes possible to run a Maple, MuPAD or TI89 without user intervention inside Xcas. Program editor. Interactive debugger.
Mixing levels of different kinds Mixing different level types


Giac in console mode

Linux, Mac and Windows archives contains th giac program, that may be used standalone or inside texmacs (use Session->Insert session->giac, may be tested without install with livetexmacs), or inside emacs mupad mode (see mupacs install instruction and use giac --emacs as program command name instead of mupad -E/-R ...).

Giac in Javascript

There are several interfaces using Giac compiled in Javascript: Xcas pour Firefox, Tableaunoir Xcas, a simple CAS calculator
If you would like to run Giac in your own Javascript projetcs, run the command
npm install ""
then read the file in the node_modules/giacjs directory.

LaTeX and Giac

You can also use giac from inside a LaTeX document,

HP Prime

Giac/Xcas is the native CAS engine of the HP Prime calculators, and also of the Android, iOS and Windows/Mac applications emulating the HP Prime. Press the CAS key and enter the same commands as in Xcas, except for a few ones.

About Xcas

(Incomplete) documentation


If you wish to cite Giac/Xcas in a paper, you can refer to
Giac/Xcas, Bernard Parisse and Renée De Graeve, version 1.9.0 (2024),

Articles/Projects where Giac/Xcas is cited

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Thanks to

I'd like to thank (in a non-meaningful order):
NB: All Xcas screen captures of this web page are provided under the Gnu Free Documentation Licence (GFDL).

Bernard Parisse, Institut Fourier (CNRS UMR 5582), 100 rue des Maths, Université Grenoble Alpes, CS 40700, 38058 Grenoble cedex 9,
bernard.parisse at univ-grenoble-alpes dot fr
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