Connexion kit for unlocked Numworks

Version francaise
Beware, don't upgrade from Numworks site!

If the calculator connection does not work
This kit works only with a webusb compatible browser, like Chromium, Chrome or Edge and from a web server. Firefox does not have support for webusb for security reasons. If you don't want to run a webusb compatible browser, you can connect your Numworks with Xcas (Windows, Linux).
For experts who want to run this page locally, activate a local webserver, for example by running from a Terminal the following command
python3 -m http.server
from the directory where you have unzipped, then click on this link.
Thanks to Maxime Friess for his script Numworks.js (MIT licence). This page is also using tarballjs, JSZip to read zip files and FileSaver.js to save files.
Thanks to Elio Poletti for the page style.
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