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iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Open Xcas online offline in your browser. (not tested since I don't have ios smartphone or tablet to test myself).
There is also an experimental port of the Xcas Pad application by Leonel Hernandez.
A non free version of Giac (dual licensed) is included in the following applications PocketCAS for iPhone/iPad by Daniel Gräfe.

Xcas for Windows

To install Xcas for Windows, download the installer: 64 bits mingw (1.9.0 2024/05). If this version does not work, try 64 bits cygwin (1.9.0 2024/05). If none of these versions work, try 32 bits (1.9.0, 2022/09).
Remarks :

Xcas for Mac OS X

To install Xcas for Mac OS Remarks:

Xcas for Linux

Fedora, OpenSuse, Mageia

These distributions now includes a giac package.

Debian packages (Debian, Ubuntu: i386 32, 64 bits, ARM)

Xcas for archlinux

Link maintained by Antonio Rojas.

Incompatibility with Unity

It has been reported than Xcas does not work correctly (crash, keystrokes not recognized...) under some versions of Unity (default window manager in recent Ubuntus). If you experience these problems, it is recommended to switch to an alternate window manager like Gnome, Xfce, Icewm, ...

Note for 3-d on Linux

Xcas is using OpenGL capabilities for 3-d graphs and 3-d geometry, therefore you must check that your Xserver is correctly configured. If acceleration is supported for your videocard, check that the dri module is loaded in /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. If Xcas freezes on a command like plan(z=0), remove dri loading or install the correct drivers for your video card, or disable acceleration for example on Debian 7:
sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-swx11
This package does not exist on Debian 9. Workaround: copy libGL.so.1 (64 bits) in a directory, say /opt/lib, then you can run xcas from a Terminal with the commands:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/lib
xcas & If you have transparency problems with Xfce, run xfce-settings-manager and disable composition in windows.

KhiCAS: Giac/Xcas for Casio CG10/20/50 and Fx-9750GIII, Fx-9860GIII

Install the KhiCAS addin for the Casio Prizm or install 2 files khicas50.g3a and khicas50.ac2 on your FXCG50 or install khicasen.g1a on your Fx-9750GIII calculator. You can now run most Xcas commands on your calculator, CAS and programming commands, including Python syntax compatibility. Beware, if you are testing on the emulator, the 2 files for the FXCG50 are emucas50.g3a and khicas50.882.
Documentation: HTML, PDF.
Thanks to Sébastien Michelland and Camille Gaspard for help porting Giac to the Casio.

KhiCAS: a CAS for your Numworks N0110 calculator

Beware: do not upgrade your Numworks on Numworks website, it would lock your calculator
Install KhiCAS (requires a web-usb compatible browser like Chromium). Works only if your Numworks N0110 is not locked (check in Settings that Epsilon version is smaller or equal to 15.5).
Documentation .
You can also make a local install.
Thanks to Damien Nicolet for porting newlib, and interfacing Giac with Epsilon (external apps support).

KhiCAS: Xcas and Python for the TI Nspire calculator

Warning: do not use khicas during exams if CAS calculators are banned.
For interested developers, install the ndless-sdk toolchain with newlib, compile GMP/MPFR/MPFI, then get the latest giac source, copy config.h.nspire to config.h and Makefile.nspire to Makefile. For the black and white version, install the Ndless SDK, then additional libs/headers (modified versions of nspire-io, USTL, tommath) and the giac source code.
Thanks to Xavier Andréani and Adrien Bertrand for the LUA interface.

Xcas Linux ARM

For smartbooks with a Ubuntu 10.10 ARM compatible version, follow the same instructions as for Intel debian packages.

Xcas Windows CE

Daniel Alm provides a free for non-commercial use (not open-source) interface and binaries based on Giac. See on his site or click on this direct link if you want to download the binary without interface.