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Workshop on Geometry and Physics of the Landau-Ginzburg model

Lundi, 31 Mai, 2010 (Toute la journée)
Description : 

May 31 - June 4, 2010
Institut Fourier - Amphi (lecture theatre) Chabauty


Aim and Scope

The Landau-Ginzburg model has been known to be an important model in physics for a long time. In the recent years, much progress has been made toward understanding it mathematically. Its role in mirror symmetry, the Landau-Ginzburg/Calabi-Yau correspondence, and connections to integrable hierarchies are all becoming increasingly important. The aim of this conference will be to bring together distinguished speakers from enumerative geometry of the moduli space of curves, homological mirror symmetry, singularity theory, and string theory to interchange ideas and learn about the most important advances from each other.

The workshop is organzised within the framework of the ANR project ThéorieGW and is meant to provide a follow-up to a workshop on the same theme held in 2009 at the Clay Mathematical Institute.

The list of speakers includes - Serguei Barannikov (Paris) - Boris Dubrovin (Trieste) - Carel Faber (Stockholm) - Huijun Fan (Beijing) - Claus Hertling (Mannheim) - Kentaro Hori (Tokyo) - Hiroshi Iritani (Kyushu) - Tyler Jarvis (Provo) - Albrecht Klemm (Bonn) - Yongbin Ruan (Ann Arbor) - Claude Sabbah (Paris) - Kyoji Saito (Kyoto) - Yefeng Shen (Ann Arbor) - Sergey Shadrin (Amsterdam) - Eric Sharpe (Virginia) - Atsushi Takahashi (Osaka) - Arkady Vaintrob (Eugene) - Johannes Walcher (Genève)

Abstracts of Talks


Organizers : Samuel Boissière (Nice), Alessandro Chiodo (Grenoble)

Registration The deadline for registration is April 9, 2010.

To register, please email Geraldine Rahal->geraldine.rahal@ujf-grenoble.fr.

Getting to the Institut Fourier (Grenoble)

The closest airport is Lyon Saint exupéry. It is 1 hour from Grenoble by road. There is a buses service between the airport and Grenoble station.

Buses schedule


Due to budget limitations, it is unlikely that funding can be provided for attendance.

For further details, and updates to the above information, please visit: http://www-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/~chiodo/lg.htm or send an email to the organisers: Samuel Boissière, Alessandro Chiodo.

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