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Jean-François Bougron

Markovian Random Repeated Interaction Systems
Mercredi, 19 Février, 2020 - 17:00 à 18:00
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This talk introduces a particular class of quantum evolution called "Markovian Random Repeated Interaction Systems" or MRRIS. MRRIS are a special case of RIS where a chain of quantum systems (called the probes) goes through another one (called the small system). The specificity of Markovian Random RIS is that the nature of the probes follows a homogeneous Markov process, so that the one currently going through the small system depends only on the probe that preceded it. 

In this talk, we present some facts concerning quantum channels, quantum dynamical semigroups which are semigroups of quantum channels, how this applies to RIS and MRRIS and finally we give some results concerning the large-time behaviour of the MRRIS.
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Institut Fourier
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Salle 4
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