Selected Talks 

Date Title and details Slides
September 20th, 2022
Exponents for irregular differential modules A Tannakian approach to the theory of exponents (beginning of a work in progress with C.Lazda and A.Pal) Presented at Around p-adic cohomologies, A Conference on the occasion of Bruno Chiarellotto's 60th birthday (Padova, Italy, September 19-23, 2022) pdf
March 10th, 2020
An uncountable Mittag-Leffler condition with an application to Ultrametric Locally Convex Spaces. Presented at the Algebra Seminar of Oxford pdf
March 28, 2017
Overview On Some Recent Developments about p-Adic Differential Equations over Berkovich Curves Presented at p-adic analytic geometry and differential equations (CIRM, Marseille, France, March 27-31, 2017) pdf
9 November 2010
Radius of convergence function of a p-adic differential equation Presented at Conference on Berkovich spaces and differential equations (Strasbourg, Novembre 2010). pdf
8 September 2008
Infinitesimal deformation of ultrametric differential equations Presented at the p-adic differential equations: a conference in honor of Gilles Christol. pdf
8 October 2007
Arithmetic and Differential Swan conductors in the non perfect residue field case: the rank one case. AAG Final Network Conference. pdf
16 March 2007
p-adic representations, p-adic differential equations, and p-adic difference equations
Presented at the scientific mathematical meeting celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics of the University of Padova.
29 January 2007
p-Adic Confluence of q-Difference equations.
Presented at the Research group of professor B.H.Matzat. University of Heidelberg.
18 January 2007
Abelian Theory of p-adic differential equations
Presented at the seminar of I.R.M.A.R. of the University of Rennes.
15-20 February 2005
Lubin-Tate Groups in p-adic differential equations.
Presented at the Workshop on p-adic differential equations. University of Muenster.