Recent preprints and work in progress

Jean-Pierre Demailly

(last update: June 14, 2021)

[101] Bergman bundles and applications to the geometry of compact complex manifolds, dedicated to B. Shiffman, to appear in Pure and Applied Math. Quarterly 2021 (?), [hal-02501656] [bergman_bundles.pdf]

[102] Hermitian-Yang-Mills approach to the conjecture of Griffiths on the positivity of ample vector bundles, dedicated to V. Shokurov, Mat. Sb., 2021, Volume 212, Number 3, p. 39-53, [hal-02468559] [yangmills_griffiths.pdf]

[103] On the locus of higher order jets of entire curves in complex projective varieties, in memory of C.S. Seshadri, [hal-03258133] [locus_entire_curves.pdf]

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