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Some pictures related to my research activities

Spherical CR uniformization of the figure eight knot complement

  • Click on the fractal to see a movie that shows the evolution of the limit set of the deformations of the R-Fuchsian (3,3,4) triangle group, until we get to the group that gives a spherical CR uniformization of the figure eight knot complement.

    The limit sets live in R3 (which you should think of as the Heisenberg group), and we only draw projections onto a plane, so some pictures exhibit more self-intersection points than they really should. For more details on the math behind this, see my paper with E. Falbel.
  • Here is a picture in cylindrical projection of the boundary of a horotube for the group (see this paper for more details on the math behind this picture).

Fundamental domains for (non-arithmetic) lattices

  • Picture of the sides of the Ford domain for PU(2,1,O7)
  • Here are pictures of some fundamental domains.
  • Contact me if you would like a laser-printed version of one of these pictures:

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