Charline Smadi


I am interested in Probability Theory applied to Ecology and Evolution.
Research interests: branching processes, random environment, population dynamics, population genetics, mate choice.


Publications in Mathematics

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Publications in Ecology and Evolution

  1. L. Maisonneuve, T. Beneteau, M. Joron, C. Smadi, V. Llaurens, When do opposites attract? A model uncovering the evolution of disassortative mating, to appear in The American Naturalist (biorxiv.2020.05.19.104190).
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  1. L. Maisonneuve, C. Smadi, V. Llaurens, The limits of evolutionary convergence in sympatry: reproductive interference and developmental constraints leading to local diversity in aposematic signals (biorxiv.2021.01.22.427743)
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Isabelle Alvarez, Alexandra Alvergne, Vincent Bansaye, Sylvain Billiard, Anton Bovier, Loren Coquille, Thomas Cordonnier, Camille Coron, Manon Costa, Benoît Courbaud, Fanny Dommanget, Adrian Gonzalez Casanova, Mathieu Joron, Georges Kunstler, Fabien Laroche, Hélène Leman, Violaine Llaurens, Aline Marguet, François-Marie Martin, Sophie Martin, Sandra Palau, Juan Carlos Pardo, Björn Reineking, Vladimir Vatutin