Matilde Maccan
Matilde Maccan

I am a PhD student in IRMAR (University of Rennes) and Institut Fourier (University of Grenoble Alpes), since September 2021.
I work under the supervision of Michel Brion and Matthieu Romagny.

My research is mainly about the geometry of projective homogeneous varieties over fields of positive characteristic.
Related subjects I am interested in are birational geometry and representation theory of reductive groups.

My first projects were about classifying non-reduced parabolic subgroups in small characteristics.
Here is my CV.


Parabolic subgroups in characteristics two and three
Preprint at arXiv:2312.00415.
Projective homogeneous varieties of Picard rank one in small characteristic
Preprint at arXiv:2303.12391.
Unipotent algebraic groups over arbitrary fields
Master Thesis, under the supervision of Cinzia Casagrande and Matthieu Romagny.
Upcoming talks

Past talks
  • Classifiying rational projective homogeneous varieties in positive characteristic, Basel-Dijon-Lausanne Joint Seminars, November 2023 (Basel)
  • Variétés homogènes projectives rationnelles en caractèristique positive, Number Theory Seminar, November 2023 (Bordeaux)
  • Algebraic groups and their actions: a few anecdotes in positive characteristic, RéGA Seminar, IHP, October 2023 (Paris)
  • Sous-schémas en groupes paraboliques en caractéristique positive, AGATA Seminar, September 2023 (Montpellier)
  • Parabolic subgroup schemes in positive characteristic, TLAG Days, August 2023 (Rennes)
  • Parabolic subgroup schemes with maximal reduced part in characteristic 2 and 3, Representation Theory in Lyon, June 2023
  • Sous-schémas en groupes paraboliques en caractéristique positive, Complex Geometry Seminar, June 2023 (Nancy)
  • Variétés homogènes de rang de Picard 1 en caractéristique 2 et 3, Arithmetic Geometry Seminar, May 2023 (Rennes)
  • Homogeneous spaces in characteristic 2 and 3, Schubert seminar, November 2022 (online)
  • Variétés homogènes projectives en caractéristique non nulle, Algebra and Geometry PhD student seminar, September 2022 (Rennes)
  • Espaces homogènes projectifs sous l’action d’un groupe réductif en caractéristique non nulle, PhD Student Seminar, May 2022 (Lyon)


2023-2024 : Cours-TD MAT101 (Langage mathématique, algèbre et géométrie élémentaires), L1 IMA, Université de Grenoble Alpes (poly du cours)

2021-2023 : TD Algèbre et Géométrie 1, L1 Mathématiques, Université de Rennes (page du cours)



Address: IRMAR - UMR CNRS 6625
Université de Rennes
Campus de Beaulieu,
263 avenue du Général Leclerc, 35042 Rennes Cedex
Bâtiment 22, office 621