Olivier Graf

Maître de conférences at the Institut Fourier.

From 2016 to 2020, I did my PhD at the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions under the supervision of Jérémie Szeftel.

From 2020 to 2022, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Mathematics Münster, working in the group of Gustav Holzegel.


firstname.lastname at univ-grenoble-alpes.fr

Bureau 206

Université Grenoble Alpes
Institut Fourier
CS 40700
38058 Grenoble Cedex 09, France

Research interests

I study the Einstein equations of general relativity. My general goal is to understand the long time behaviour (local/global existence, stability) of the solutions to the associated Cauchy problem. During my PhD, I obtained results when part of the initial data for the Cauchy problem are prescribed on characteristic hypersurfaces. More recently, I am working on the (in)stability of the Kerr-anti-de Sitter family of black holes.

Publications and preprints

  • (with Gustav Holzegel) "Mode stability for the Teukolsky equations on Kerr-anti-de Sitter spacetimes", arXiv:2205.02801, 30 pages, May 2022, submitted.
  • "Global nonlinear stability of Minkowski space for spacelike-characteristic initial data", arXiv:2010.12434, 246 pages, October 2020, submitted.
  • (with Stefan Czimek) "The spacelike-characteristic Cauchy problem of general relativity in low regularity", arXiv:1909.07355, 99 pages, September 2019, accepted for publication in the Annals of PDE.
  • (with Stefan Czimek) "The canonical foliation on null hypersurfaces in low regularity", arXiv:1909.07345, 69 pages, September 2019, accepted for publication in the Annals of PDE.


  • "Le problème de Cauchy spatial-caractéristique avec courbure L2 en relativité générale", proceedings of the Séminaire Laurent Schwartz (here is a link).
  • "Les défis mathématiques des équations d'Einstein", article dans la revue publiée pour le 22ème Salon Culture et Jeux Mathématiques.
  • "Ma thèse dans Tangente", article pour l'édition de Janvier-Février 2022 du magazine Tangente, en partenariat avec la SMF.
  • The manuscript of my PhD thesis.
  • A short CV in french.

Conference and seminar talks

  • Mathematical Physics Seminar, Radboud University, June 2022
  • Geometry and analysis seminar, Queen Mary University of London, March 2022
  • Mathematical GR and Hyperbolic PDE Seminar, Online Seminar (Columbia/Radboud/Rutgers/Singapore/Stanford), January 2022
  • Séminaire Analyse et EDP, Laboratoire Analyse Géométrie et Modélisation, January 2022
  • Topics in general relativity (Seminar), Münster, December 2021
  • Séminaire de physique mathématique, Institut Fourier, November 2021
  • Brown PDE Seminar, Brown University, November 2021
  • Journées Jeunes EDPistes 2021, Laboratoire Mathématique de Besançon, March 2021
  • Séminaire EDP et Physique mathématique, Laboratoire Analyse Géométrie et Applications, February 2021
  • "Bridging the Gap" Oberseminar Analysis, Münster, January 2021
  • Junior GR Seminar, Princeton, January 2021
  • Séminaire des doctorants ANH et ANEDP, Orsay, July 2020
  • 10th Central European Relativity Seminar, Potsdam-Golm, February 2020
  • Séminaire Laurent Schwartz, École polytechnique, November 2019
  • Séminaire des doctorant·e·s, Institut Élie Cartan de Lorraine, October 2019
  • Groupe de Travail des Thésard·e·s, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, June 2019
  • Seminar on mathematical general relativity, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, May 2019