Analysis, Geometry and Surfaces

20 -- 25 March 2011 in Autrans-France

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The first day of the conference is Sunday, March 20th. No lectures this day, but a dinner awaits you at the hotel l'Escandille at 19:00.

For the rest of the week, we plan to have busy mornings, a long break in the afternoon for informal discussions and one or two small lectures before dinner.

The conference finishes on Friday, March 25 th, just after lunch.

Lectures and scientific material:

Here is a tentative schedule,

Below are some references on the subject, please feel free to send useful links here to Labourie

The conference room has two white blackboards. You can use slides to be projected, and we can locate a video projector, to be connected at a computer if you wish to use beamer. In the last case please warn us in advance in order to reserve the video projector and tell us whether you bring your own computer. Do not forget your cables.





If you have special needs or you are vegetarian please send Louis a message in order to warn the restaurant/hotel.

The centre will accommodate -- food and lodging -- all participants. L'Escandille is an hotel situated in the (small) ski resort of Autrans.

The hotel has a free wifi connection. There is also a quite large lounge where we can spend afternoons and there will be a refreshment around 5pm every day. The hotel has a large swimming pool and sauna, hammam.

L'Escandille is located in the Vercors, famous for cross country skiing, in the French Alps, one hour by bus from Grenoble. Do not forget to bring your winter equipment. Check out tourist information about Autrans here.

You can walk around the hotel located within a large park as well as in the village but you can also practice ski nearby. All the gear needed for skiing can be rented from the specialized shop (which is related to the hotel). There are shuttles from the village to the ski slopes around Autrans. You can practice countryide skiing as well as (a little) alpine ski.

The following webcams -- here and here -- will give you an idea about the snow you may find in the village and on the three closest ski trails.

The weather cast for these days could also be found on the web sites above (as well as the quality of the snow etc), for instance here . The average temperature  in July is between 12 C (53 F) at 28 C (82 F) but may change a lot.

Organisers: The organisers are N. Bergeron , L. Funar (local organiser), F. Labourie , J.-M. Schlenker and R. Wentworth whose emails you can find easily by googling.  


How to get there?

In order to reach the village of Autrans,  you first  have to go  to Grenoble. Thus, your trip involves two steps which we detail below
    1. arriving at the bus station Grenoble-Gare Routière which is very close to the train station,
    2. taking from there the bus to Autrans.

From Lyon-Airport to Grenoble Gare-Routière (=Bus-Station). The closest  international airport is Lyon Saint Exupery International Airport -- code LYS --. From Lyon airport, there is a shuttle service   Lyon Airport-Grenoble Gare routière leaving  in  front of the  main exit.  You can buy tickets  from the desk located just in the front of the exit door and you will get a better deal with a two-ways ticket.  Credit cards are usually accepted but you may have to use and remember your NIP/PIN. There are buses approximatively every hour, but Sunday service stops earlier in the evening.  Grenoble Gare routière  will be the last -- and usually only -- stop. Here is the time schedule (as of September 2010) for the Lyon Airport-Grenoble shuttle.

From Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport to Grenoble train station. If you land in Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Aiport, you can take the high speed train TGV to Grenoble directly from the airport (for schedule and tickets, check here). The train is usually direct to Lyon, then you have to switch on a local train for Grenoble. For instance, there are trains leaving Roissy-Charles de Gaulle at 11:01 arriving at 15:11, and leaving at 13:01 arriving at 17:11.

From Grenoble train station to Grenoble Gare-Routière (=Bus-Station). If you come by train, you reach Gare routière by walking for 50 meters to the left when you leave  the train station. There, you will see a large bus parking lot.

From Grenoble Gare-Routière to Autrans. You have two choices: the conference bus or a regular bus.
    1. The conference bus:  We shall  rent a bus to bring us from the Gare routière to l'Escandille at Autrans.  We schedule that the bus leaves from Gare Routière around 17:30, depending on the schedule of the participants.  The trip to Escandille takes about 1 hour, so that we can be at Escandille around 18:30.

    2. Regular buses: We strongly suggest that you catch our conference bus: Autrans is 34km away from Grenoble and not easily reached. Nevertheless, here is the site wher you can find the time schedules for Grenoble-Autrans for those who cannot arrive in due time to catch our bus. Here is how you should do. First take the  bus from  Grenoble to Lans en Vercors (stop at "Office du Tourisme") and then take the correspondence bus  from Lans en Vercors to Autrans (stop at "Le Village"). Escandille is at about 10 minutes walk from the stop. In the linked schedule, you will find  two lines Grenoble-Lans en Vercors namely 5110 and 5100. The last bus on Sunday is leaving at 18:30 on line 5100 -- but this may be subject to change, so check the schedule. From Lans en Vercors to Autrans, the line operating is 5120. The last bus leaves at 19:15 and arrives at 20:00 at Autrans. Be aware that on the flyer, are also specified which days of the week the respective bus service is operational. You can also phone l'Escandille (04 76 95 32 02) and we  will do our best to help you if you get lost in your way.

Departure The departure day is Friday, March 25th at 1:30 p.m. We have rent a bus that will bring everyone back at the Gare routière. From there, you can take again the shuttle to Lyon airport or the train.  


 Registration and support

Registration: Stay tuned!

Support: We cover local expenses of all participants. We shall reimburse the travel expenses in economy class of participants travelling from abroad. We made our budget expecting that the  European participants will cost  no more than 300 euros, and American/Asian participants no more than 800 euros and probably less. Also, we encourage you to use your own personal grants for these travel expenses. If you have trouble in finding flights within these limits, please warn us as soon as possible, so that we can update our provisional budge. We shall also reimburse the train tickets of French students.

Reimbursement form for travel expenses: This shall be updated later

Supporting institutions: We acknowledge the support of the ANR " Extensions des Théories de Thurston-Teichmüller" , the advanced ERC-grant HighTeich and the NSF


 Registered Participants

We expect about 50 participants. Below is a tentative list

    Nicolas Bergeron
    Francis Bonahon
    Francesco Bonsante
    Martin Bridgeman
    Ken Bromberg
    Danny Calegari
    Valentina Disario
    Guillaume Dreyer
    David Dumas
    Nathan Dunfield
    Elisha Falbel
    Ariadna Fossas
    Louis Funar
    Steven Frankel
    Sasha Goncharov
    Olivier Guichard
    Antonin Guilloux
    Colin Guillarmou
    Michael Heusener
    Richard Kenyon
    Thomas Koberda
    Semyon Kletsov
    François Labourie
    Evelyn Lamb
    Cyril Lecuire
    Brice Loustau
    Jiming Ma
    Greg McShane
    Sara Maloni
    John Millson
    Sugata Mondal
    Gabrielle Mondello
    Grégoire Montcouquiol
    Sergiu Moroianu
    Nguyen Duc Manh
    Maxime Nguyen
    Anne Parreau
    Jean Raimbault
    Clara Rossi Salvemini
    David Sher
    Ben Sibley
    Jean-Marc Schlenker
    Ser Peow Tan (*)
    Alden Walker
    Graeme Wilkin
    Pierre Will
    Richard Wentworth
    Steve Zelditch
    Xudong Zheng
    Peter Zograf

    (*) = To be confirmed