I am a third year PhD student at the Institut Fourier under the supervision of Erwan Lanneau and Daniel Massart. Here are my CV and my research statement. You can contact me at julien dot boulanger at univ-grenoble-alpes dot fr

I am interested in dynamics and geometry of surfaces. More precisely, I study translation surfaces and their Veech groups. My other mathematical interests include representations of Fuchsian groups, continued fractions, Teichmüller theory and Anosov dynamics.

I also organise the "Séminaire compréhensible", which is the PhD students seminar of the Institut Fourier. The seminar is usually held on Thursdays and the forthcoming speakers are announced on the Institut Fourier website.

Publications and pre-publications
double_heptagone 1. Central points of the double heptagon are not connection points. Published at the Bull. de la SMF. 2022. See on arXiv.

2. There are no primitive Teichmüller curves in Prym(2,2). With Sam Freedman. Accepted for publication at the Comptes rendus de l'académie des sciences. See on arXiv.

3. Algebraic intersection in regular polygons. With E. Lanneau and D. Massart. Submitted. 2023. See on arXiv.

4. Algebraic intersection, lengths, and Veech groups. Submitted. 2023. See on arXiv.

5. Lower bound for KVol on the minimal stratum of translation surfaces. Submitted. 2023. See on arXiv.
- Conference SMaRT : "Surfaces, Manifolds and Related Topics", Luxembourg, March 2024
- Séminaire de théorie ergodique de l'IMRAR, February 2024.
- Séminaire de géométrie, Institut de mathématiques de Toulouse, January 2024.
- Geometry seminar of the MPI MiS, Leipzig, January 2024.
- PhD seminar of the Institut Montpellierain Alexander Grothendieck, Montpellier, November 2023.
- Geometry seminar of the Institut Montpellierain Alexander Grothendieck, Montpellier, November 2023.
- Geometry seminar of the Universität Saarlandes, Sarrebrücken, July 2023.
- Conference "Interactions between geometry and topology, to celebrate Ivan Babenko", Banyuls-sur-mer, June 2023
- PhD seminar of the Institut Fourier, Grenoble, November 2022.
- PhD days of the Institut Fourier, Grenoble, October 2022.
- Workshop "Hyperbolic dynamical systems, geometry and spectral theory", Peyresq, June 2022.
- Conference "Geometry, topology and dynamics in low dimensions". Sète, May 2022.
- Number theory seminar. Oregonstate University (on Zoom). March 2022.
- Geometry seminar, Institut de mathématiques de Marseille, February 2022.
- Winter school "Billards dans le Vercors", Autrans, January 2022.
- Presentation "Polygonal billiards and translation surfaces", as part of the scientific conferences organized by the French embassy in China, (on Zoom) December 2021.
- Geometry and Topology Seminar, Institut Fourier, Grenoble, September 2021.

Above is a short animation to understand the orbit of the golden L (and the double pentagon) under the action of SL_2(R).

Institut Fourier, UMR5582 CNRS, Université Grenoble I, BP 74, 38402 Saint Martin d'Hères, France.

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