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Pascal's triangle

A few open problems related to modular properties of determinants of symmetric matrices defined by binomial coefficients

Counting the number of triangulations of a finite number of points in convex position

A short description of the main result of my preprint "Counting Triangulations of Configurations"


An applet written by my collegue Jean-Marc Decauwert which allows you to experiment with the Orchard relation (an equivalence relation on a finite set of points in R^2 which does not contain three aligned points).

(genericity), described in "Le cocycle du verger", CRAS 338 (2004), 187-190 and in "The Orchard relation of planar configurations of points I,II (coauthor D. Garber) to appear in Geombinatorics (I believe). You can create a point by a mouse-click (cr'eer), move a point (click on a point and drag it with clicked mouse) (d'eplacer) or remove a point (supprimer). Enabling the option "afficher" displays all lines determined by pairs of distinct points.
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