Grants and scholarships

Every year the Institut Fourier offer several possibilities of grants for excellent students.

You can find them in the following page : (follow this link to find more informations).

We here point out that there are essentially three kind of grants :

  • IDEX scholarships (only for foreign students), you should apply to it directely from the application server HERE, at the same time as the application to our Master 2 degree.



  • IF Scholarships HERE (click). Deadline June 23, 2022.  For applying send an e-mail to Dietrich.Hafner at


Notice that the principal criterion that is take into account for the attribution of the IDEX and LABEX PERSYVAL grants is the excellence. Nevertheless, there are also other grants that are based on social criteria. You can find them here:

Please apply as soon as possible (the deadline is quite soon).