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Simon Andreys

Time reversal and entropy production in quantum dynamical system.
Mercredi, 3 Avril, 2019 - 17:00 à 18:00
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A quantum particle is trapped and filmed with some sort of weak
measuring camera. You are shown the movie, but someone may have reversed
the tape, effectively inversing the time. Can you tell whether it is the
case ? This question is related to the irreversibility of the evolution
of the system, and leads to the definition of a quantity called entropy
production. It has been studied in details by Benoist, Jaksic, Pautrat
and Pillet (CMP 2018, arxiv 1607.00162v2)  in the case of a
discrete-time evolution, and I am working on a continuous version with
Clément Pellegrini and Ivan Bardet. I will introduce time-reversal and
entropy production in classical and quantum dynamical systems, and
express some of the properties of the entropy production: the law of
large numbers (proved by Fekete's lemma and Kingmann's theorem) and the
large deviations.

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