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Mokdad Mokdad

Mathematical General Relativity part II: Black holes
Mercredi, 4 Décembre, 2019 - 17:00 à 18:00
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We will continue our discussion on mathematical general relativity, in particular, on the exact solutions of Einstein's equations that are referred to as black hole solutions. We will start with Minkowski space, serving both as the first ("trivial") solution to the equations, and as a rapid review of the basic notions (so even if you've missed the first talk, this one will be comprehensible). Next we will discuss the first and simplest black hole solution: the Schwarzschild black hole. It is an eternal non-rotating and uncharged black (and white also!) hole. It is part of a more general family --the so called "Kerr-Neumann" family-- of rotating and/or charged black holes that are described by three parameters: the mass, the charge, and the angular momentum. We will look at the spherically symmetric cases of this family, and the effect of the presence of a positive cosmological constant. The rotating case is described by the Kerr solution which we will touch on at the end.

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Institut Fourier
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Salle 4
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