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Félix Lequen

Koike and Uehara's gluing construction of K3 surfaces
Jeudi, 9 Décembre, 2021 - 17:30 à 18:30
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In this talk, I will explain a beautiful recent construction of K3
surfaces by Koike and Uehara, obtained by gluing in a manner
reminiscent of surgery in topology, which is made possible by Arnol'd
linearisation theorem under a certain Diophantine condition. If time
permits, I will explain how to use ergodic theory following Verbitsky
to show that in a certain sense, almost every K3 surface contains
infinitely many linear Levi-flat hypersurfaces, a certain interesting
class of hypersurfaces in complex manifolds. The interest of this
topic is that it contains some elements of complex geometry, algebraic
geometry, complex 1-dimensional dynamics and ergodic theory on
homogeneous spaces of Lie groups.

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