Making a C++ program with the Giac library


: If you are compiling with cygwin, the dll is installed by the Xcas installer. If you are compiling with an other compiler, you should use these DLL: win32 dll, win64 dll
Mingw 32 bits: get CodeBlocks 32 bits, install it, get mingw giac 32 bits, unzip it in your CodeBlocks/MinGW directory then you can link a console project with giac by adding in Settings Compiler, Linker settings in the libraries giacdll. Or adapt this example.

Mac OS

: Follow these instructions


: The easiest way if you have a Debian-based distribution (debian, ubuntu, ...) is to install the giac debian package if your distribution is supported or follow the quick debian/ubuntu install below. On other distributions, you will have to compile giac from source.


The source code of giac has an examples/demo folder, where you will find a test program named that you should be able to compile (g++ -lgiac -lgmp) once all headers are correctly installed.
Now look at the info documentation of Giac for data structures (like the gen type), etc.

Compiling Giac from source